Watch movies online for character of BLACK WIDOW

The MCU has given the perfect ending to our most beloved genius, billionaire, playboy and philanthropist, IRON MAN. The theatres cried and the world moaned on the day of release of Avengers:  endgame. The most loved character died a death worthy of his name. he died with pride saying

 “I AM IRON MAN”. He finally rested. However, another hero that we lost was black widow, her character has always been under rated. Her death was NOT worth her life. She was on of the founding members of the avengers and the only one who could tame hulk. She Is the one who fought one of the strongest allies of thanos “Proxima midnight”. She fought Proxima midnight without any Armor but her strength. She has suffered through a lot of pain. She had devoted herself to avengers. Not just that she is also extremely intelligent in a way neither Bruce nor tony are. Loki the GOD of mischief, who is known for tricking people was tricked by none other than Natasha Romanoff. She is said to be the female equivalent of captain America as she was given a Russian version of super soldier-serum. In captain America winter soldier watch movies online , she fought side by side with captain America and gave an immensely tough fight to Bucky as she is the physical equivalent of him. Keeping her super hero movement aside, she is also emotional and had become close to Clint’s family. His daughter calls her aunt Nat and the smile she gave in the scene makes it surer that she’s emotionally broken and the death of anyone close to her would completely break her. Before jumping Hawkeye says “tell my family I love them” to this Natasha replies “tell them yourself”. Her death was not doing justice to her amazing character. She was the one who tamed the beast, the one who tricked “the god of mischief”, the one who fought Proxima midnight and the one who fought Bucky also the one who is equivalent of captain America watch movies online . She was the first female avenger and also a founding member. Her contribution to shield is more than anyone else’s. she was trusted by nick fury and that is big feat in itself. She was the one who brought the Avengers together. Iron man without nick fury and Natasha would have died in iron man 2 itself. Marvel is now possibly going to release a black widow solo movie, hope it does justice to her character.

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