I am no scientist but I know a little about putlockers quantum realm (only to make conversation) and when it comes to marvel universe quantum realm might be playing a crucial role in shaping the future of marvel movies. The first, time quantum realm was introduced was in ant man. The protagonist in the climax of the movie went for a little visit in the quantum realm. The sequel to this movie puts light on bringing hank Pym’s wife and hope’s mom back to the normal world. Dr. Spiros Michalakis was recruited by marvel in 2014.  The researcher used his wide knowledge about quantum physics and helped as a consultant to work out the pseudo-science for ant-man.

He drew up upon real world principals of quantum mechanics, where the laws of time and space are indeed believed to break down at sub-atomic universe better called micro-verse. The quantum realm played a major role in putlockers avengers’ endgame and it is likely that it is a pandora’s box. The marvel universe has brought the multiverse and they are likely to bring the microverse too. When hank and Janet came back alive it is plausible that quantum realm is more than just a time tunnel. Human is a stupid species and there must have been a lot more experiments on the quantum realm than we know. The experiments might have caused a disruption in the nature and that might mean that new villains or heroes might originate from quantum realm and posse’s quantum energy which means we will see more of Janet van dyne. Another indication that MCU PHASE 4 will be shaped by quantum realm is that we know very less about it. The quantum realm in the MCU is still a mystery. Marvel has toyed with the quantum realm for a while now. In the movie ant-man and the wasp hank Pym and Janet both were talking to an alien in the sub-atomic world but for some unknown reason the scene was cut from the movie but just before the couple exits the quantum realm, we get a glance of the sub-atomic civilization. Its possible that the quantum realm would be a home to many new possibilities and most definitely new creatures. The city like civilisation seemed to be covered in bubble like structure which make it sure that the quantum realm is inhabited. It is said that there is a mysterious dimension that’s exists outside the normal rules of space-time, with any time traveller passing through it briefly, this is known as limbo. The comic book nerds and the makers of fan theories put great effort and found the closest visual matching the city that we saw in ant-man. The visual matched chronopolis the home of kang the conqueror. This is a plausible and dangerous villain. Kang, since he lives in the Limbo has the ability to travel through time anywhere, he wants without the need of any special putlockers technology [as per our assumption]. Whatever way the quantum realm takes the MCU in, its going to be filled with more and more awesome heroes and villains.

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